Why Live SDR Coaching Works

There are many benefits of coaching with FrontSpin’s Whisper functionality.

  • Alertness and sharpness: It can be easy to zone out or just go through the motions on a sales call. Through whisper coaching, you are able to reengage and keep the SDR alert and focused on the conversation.
  • A different perspective: Through coaching, you can suggest a different question flow and reccomend phrases the SDR might not think of.
  • Extra set of ears: Similar to a conversation, the SDR should be focused on active listening, hearing what the prospects say is the top priority. However, there are several other factors when it comes to their words. As a coach, you can pick up on tone and pace and help direct the conversation in the right direction.

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Your Role as an SDR Coach

Your role as an SDR Coach using FrontSpin Whisper Coaching is to be the guide in their ear. It is important to build the foundation for your SDRs, which starts with teaching them how Whisper Coaching works. Coaching with the Whisper functionality can be done from virtually anywhere you have internet access which means while we are still working from home, you can still be coaching your SDRs successfully.

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How to Coach Different Levels of SDRs

Every SDR is going to have a different level of expertise when they join your team so it is important to meet them where they are in terms of coaching. Whether they are a brand new SDR who just got their learner’s permit or a seasoned vet who is a race car driver on the sales road, following these tips will help you coach them, no matter what level they are at.

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How to Implement Live Coaching

The start of the conversation is not when someone answers the phone; it starts with the development of the script. Set the stage early in an SDR’s development that their script / messaging is a map of a conversation.

Keep In Mind:

  • It’s important to think of your script as the map
  • As a coach, you are the GPS
  • Use FrontSpin Whisper & Monitor function: whisper coaching is a vital tool in their development/ability to live coach.

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Common Misconceptions of SDR Coaching

  • SDR coaching isn’t accounting – any manager can run through KPIs (dials, conversations, etc.)
  • Good coaching is about breaking it down with the SDR – spending time reviewing game film and doing in-the-moment coaching. 
  • Coaching isn’t telling – good coaching isn’t about telling the SDR verbatim what to do or say, it’s about finding development opportunities and highlighting those for the SDR and then helping them close that gap.

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