Common Misconceptions of SDR Coaching

  • SDR coaching isn’t accounting – any manager can run through KPIs (dials, conversations, etc.)
  • Good coaching is about breaking it down with the SDR – spending time reviewing game film and doing in-the-moment coaching. 
  • Coaching isn’t telling – good coaching isn’t about telling the SDR verbatim what to do or say, it’s about finding development opportunities and highlighting those for the SDR and then helping them close that gap.

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How to Coach SDR Managers

Here’s the deal:

It’s not enough to hire good people or teach them product knowledge. SDRs transform from good, to great to elite when they have a coach and a coaching system to take them over the edge. Good SDR coaching is consistent, proactive, and enjoyable. In this episode in Prospecting Boot Camp, Ellie Miller, Delivery Manager at memoryBlue, breaks down how she coaches her SDRS.

What you will learn:

  • What Makes a Good SDR Coach?
  • Misconceptions of SDR Coaching
  • 3 Pillars of SDR Coaching
  • How to Implement Live Coaching
  • Your Role as an SDR Coach
  • How to Coach with FrontSpin Whisper

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