Prospecting BooT Camp

Prospecting Boot Camp is for SDRs, as well as their managers, who want to learn the fundamentals of cold calling, writing cold emails, how to build cadences with playbooks, and how to get around gatekeepers and book the meeting with the decision-makers.

How to Get Around Gatekeepers

Lawrence Jackman explains his process for getting around gatekeepers. With over 20 years of sales experience, Lawrence has developed takeaways that will help you book meetings with decision makers.

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How to Write Cold Emails

Elyse Savaki breaks down how to write a impactful cold email that will get you results. Learn the three cardinal rules of writing cold emails, how to write CTAs that get replies, and the core formula for writing cold emails that work.

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How to Build a Sales Cadence

Setting a sales cadence is key to get leads flowing into your sales pipeline and to get them actively engaged with your company. Michael Hanson explains how to set a sales cadence and why it is important in this episode Prospecting Bootcamp.

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