For sales development teams, the activity of coaching is vital because it ensures continuous improvement of sales development representatives (SDRs). However, most organizations are not implementing true sales manager to SDR coaching sessions. 

So why is there a lack of coaching in the sales development space? First, most sales managers don’t quite understand what constitutes coaching. Second, many sales managers believe that the training the SDR received in their onboarding during the first few months of their employment was sufficient training. It is often assumed that the SDRs will just figure it out as they go.

“Implementing FrontSpin across our sales development business, featuring over 150 SDRs and close to 20 SDR managers, has created a significant impact on the effectiveness of our real-time call coaching. The platform incorporates the most well-designed, seamless whisper and call monitoring functionality we’ve experienced in any power dialer. As a result, we’ve seen our prospect conversion rates rise by nearly 14% since we fully installed the platform in early 2020.”

Kristen Wisdorf, Head of Client Services and Delivery, memoryBlue

When using the FrontSpin whisper functionality, sales managers only need an internet connection to monitor and coach their SDRs. No additional plug-in is needed. By using whisper functionality, SDR coaching sessions are proven to be more powerful and yield better results.

Coaching can improve SDR performance if it is executed on a consistent basis. By consistently coaching, managers can be aware of the SDR activities and identify problem areas that the manager can help coach. The manager can then offer specific suggestions in order to help the SDRs in the areas they are struggling in.  Using the FrontSpin whisper functionality, the managers can listen to live calls and coach the SDRs in real-time without the prospect hearing.

Consistent coaching, partnered with the right tools, will ensure your SDRs are converting more prospects in 2021.

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