How to Write Relevant Subject Lines

Subject lines perform best when they are short and sweet.

Elyse recommends keeping your subject lines between 2-5 words. She also recommends making sure they are relevant and specific to the message. You want to make sure they feel personal and you are not trying to trick the prospect with “clickbait”.

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How to Write Cold Emails

Here’s the deal:

Have you ever written a prospecting email that you thought was fire, only to have it generate nothing but the sound of a single, solitary cricket?

Have you been told that you have to hyper-personalize your cold emails down to your prospect’s sock size just to be deemed worthy of gracing their inbox so you’re painstakingly combing through Twitter trying to figure out if they like ankle socks or not? There’s a middle ground and it comes with understanding how to write a cold email that is personalized to your persona, not an individual’s sock preferences. Elyse Savaki takes us through writing great cold emails in this episode of Prospecting Boot Camp.

What you will learn:

  • 3 cardinal rules of writing cold emails
  • How to stand out in the inbox
  • CTAs that get replies (and meetings)
  • Core formula for writing cold emails that work

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