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Dialing Speed and Quality integrated with powerful Playbooks.

“Excellent tool and awesome support”

Meghan D.
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“FrontSpin has increased our reps productivity by 40% with its user-friendly interface”

Wesley B.
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“The perfect prospecting tool for Salesforce.com users”

Jagger G.
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Get the experince inside selling  professionals  have been  waiting for.

Our Customers Get Results

Finally, a platform designed for inside selling  professionals that helps you do your job better, and faster.

Power Dialer

3x more prospects with power dialing tools like prioritized call lists, pre-recorded voicemail and single-click dialing. Increase your connect rate by as much at 35% with local presence.

Sales Email

Increase engagement with personalized sales email with custom templates and real-time notifications of opens and clicks.

Cadence Playbooks

Streamline workflow and increase quality lead generation with account-based Playbooks. Set priority call and email lists, cadence, message delivery and social communication.

Social Touches AND SMS

Outside of making phone calls and emails, FrontSpin also allows you to use Social steps in your playbooks. With FrontSpin SMS, you can quickly read and respond to incoming SMS messages and have them automatically logged to FrontSpin & your CRM.


  • Dial contacts 3x faster.
  • Increase your connect rate by as much at 35% with local presence.
  • Transfer or conference hot leads to the right team member at the right time.
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks like physical dialing and leaving voice messages.

Account Executives

  • Reduce tech stack for sales team.
  • Increased speed to market so teams are up and running quickly.
  • Seamless CRM bidirectional sync with FrontSpin’s patent-pending technology.
  • Enable highly active, transactional sales teams to achieve profitable growth.

Sales Development

  • Streamline your sales process by bringing all your tools into one easy-to-use platform.
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemails seamlessly.
  • Set the priorities for call and email lists, cadence, message and delivery (email, call, social) for a laser-focused team.

Customer Success

  • Experience better voice quality and less dropped calls.
  • Build and manage playbooks and lists from the managerial level.
  • Monitor calls with a live view; offer coaching and assistance with Whisper feature.
  • In-depth analytics and insights for deep data diving.

Reach your target audience, quickly.
FrontSpin delivers both sales velocity and sales acceleration to inside selling professionals.

“Today, our outbound sales are now 50% of our business. Before FrontSpin, it was 25%”

— Leo

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