Silicon Valley VP Sales Forum – March 9, 2015

Our CEO, Mansour Salame, will be participating in Silicon Valley VP Sales Forum in March as a panelist.

The Forum is comprised of Silicon Valley Vice President’s of Sales/ Chief Revenue Officers who meet face to face regularly to discuss mutual business issues for professional and personal development. Members benefit by networking with industry peers and sharing expertise in areas that relate to professional business-to-business sales, support, marketing, compensation, and other organizational issues.

Sales Forum Agenda: Is Field Sales Becoming Irrelevant?

Some of the questions/topics that will be explored include:

  • How can inside sales augment the effectiveness of a current field model?
  • What can field sales learn from the inside model?
  • What are best practices to developing these teams and managing them?
  • How much can you really do over the phone?
  • How do sales tools help to increase productivity and increase the size of the deal?
  • What is a ‘hybrid’ rep?
  • With all these metrics, is the art of selling going away?
  • A career path for inside sales has always been to get into a field sales role – will that need to change?
  • The really big money has been made by field sales – will that change?

LinkedIn Group: Silicon Valley VP of Sales Executive Forum

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