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Sales Communication Software & Power Dialer

FrontSpin helps you engage with more prospects and customers in less time.  Our cloud-based sales communication tool and power dialer implements your playbooks across all touchpoints.



Reach Up To 3x The Prospects

FrontSpin automates and optimizes your communications with prospects and customers, significantly increasing the number of calls and emails each rep can handle. Using a state-of-the-art power dialer and email system with seamless implementation of your playbooks, FrontSpin helps you engage more leads, in less time.

Save Your Reps Hours a Day

Your reps will love FrontSpin. Our innovative user interface reduces the number of clicks and virtually eliminates data entry for your reps, saving them hours a day. Patent-pending real-time synchronization with your CRM means reps don’t have to worry about importing or syncing data, allowing them to focus on sales and close more deals.

Fast and Easy to Implement

FrontSpin is up to 10x faster and cheaper to implement than alternative systems. On average, our enterprise-class solution is up and running and integrated with your existing CRM in just a few days. Sometimes just a few hours.

FrontSpin helps my team connect with 2.5x more leads and prospects in the same time that it took using our old system. I can’t imagine using anything else.

– Ted Burnett, FutureState


Whether your inside sales team is dialing a list of web leads or responding to prospect emails, the FrontSpin power dialer interface helps them do it at lightning speed and with exceptional call quality. All interactions with prospects are automatically tracked in a unified timeline without slowing down for data entry and your playbooks are integrated across all touchpoints for seamless execution.


With FrontSpin’s real-time dashboards you’re in control. You can get real-time status updates whenever you want, as often as you want. You’ll always know how your team is performing against your goals, giving you the power to adjust and respond more quickly than ever before.